Smile a day!!!

Give a smile to the new day and day will shower happiness on you.

What could be the best way to start a new day??

Answer may be: make a to do list , promise not to hurt anyone  , try best efforts to complete tasks and many more….As the day sets all these goals are in vain.At the end of the day you feel stressed, tired or fatigue. Now rewind your whole day to think how you started your day and how it has ended!! No one ever thinks of the new day as an opportunity to do what you haven’t done till date. This is the sole reason for the mind numbing life that we experience everyday.

What if we start our day with a pleasant smile which sways away all our tension and stress??

Flower of a smile keeps growing ever day if nourished with a smile.This flower then gives you fruits that you enjoy lifelong.

What you just need to do is pass a smile to everyone you meet and this will introduce a new world to do.Wake up each morning with a happy mood and think about the exciting things that you can do this day.The 24 hours can be lived fully if you have a cheerful  start in the morning.Don’t hurt your loved ones…you will be full of guilt for the whole day and spoil your as well as other person’s mood.New day comes with new opportunities and aspirations.So better utilize your day in achieving this…Have a wonderful day and wonderful life….

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