My shape of relationship

Every day we experience the taste of a lot of relationships.Some are given or we can say forced on us by our birth and others we make by ourselves and generally love them the most….These relationships gives us the true essence of life.Some teach us what is love and others what is pain.Some people are made for us and others are not.All the difference lies in our perspective of a relationship.What we want and why we want is the greatest question that lies here.

Relationships stands on the pillars of trust,love,respect and selflessness.If these things are present then this will be the strongest bond ever created in the world.It seems really easy to be a person like this but its really hard to be.These four elements are rarely found in a relationship.This might be because no one in the world is perfect and so a perfect relationship seems like a myth.But that does not means that love is a myth.

My shape of a relationship says that believe in permanent ones and not temporary. Temporary conjugations gives temporary happiness.Permanent associations give permanent happiness.Be it the conjugation between friends or some special friends all share a bond of love.This bond is temporary and if there is no trust,respect or love then this bond may break.Share each moment of happiness and sorrow with each other.If one cries other should be there to hold the hand and say ‘i m with you’.Each moment of life should feel as if it is the best thing ever happened.Every day should be a valentine day;every year a leap year.When you see your dreams coming true or your life becomes a fairy tale then you are on the verge of permanent relationship.When you start to care more for another person than yourself then you are with the correct person.When the hell becomes heaven for you then you are at the correct place with your conjugate.You should be able to taste every essence of life and want to live with your better half.Both should complete each other.Live like a king or queen that you have dreamt of and believe me if you get this feeling then you are the luckiest person in the world.


My shape of relationship is a bit fairy tale like that never seems to be true.But if you at least dream of something like that and try to achieve even a bit of it then it will change your life completely.Have a great life ahead….



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