Love yourself.

LOVE……one of the most beautiful and probably one of the most complicated feeling ever.You see a beautiful sunset-you love it. You eat your favorite ice-cream and you love it. As we see around ourselves we find comfort in things we love. And we find love in the things that soothes our eyes. Be it a thing, a person or you pet, you love them as you see them or get to know them better. It makes our life alluring and worth living. It is because of love we live peacefully and happily.

But the real dilemma is that this love is not everlasting. You love a sunset but it is momentary. The sun sets and its gone. You may enjoy your favorite ice-cream but after you eat it all…its gone. Of course, humans are mortals they come and go forever. The only love that lasts forever and grow with time is with the person behind the mirror…yes its you.

The only person you can love unconditionally and will never leave you is YOU. Everything come and goes but you are always there for yourself and no one can ever love you more. It happens with us that we tend to find love in another person but the person to love is always with you. Everyone in the world will ditch you but you cannot ditch yourself. This love is with your trueself and it does not depend on person,place or time.

Pamper yourself, spend some time with yourself and then you will find everlasting happiness and peace.

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