Write Your Own Story

Every new day in our life is like a plane page of a book.It can be filled with marvelous memories or it can be crushed and thrown into the trash can just because it has been destroyed.

We live in such a society in which our thoughts are driven by the person sitting next to us.What we think or what we do is by their approval and terms and conditions. Ah!!That’s so imperious..Each and every day we are surrounded by so many living creatures that we tend to lose our true selves.We get lost in the glamour of this world and seek the company of so many fellows that we try to adapt their habits and mould our own personality according to them.This is because we fear being alone or getting ashamed at the thought of being dumped by someone.At first thought it might look some sort of crap but if you start to think about it then you may find it relatable. This is the story of every person in this world.More or less we do want to do what others are doing even if it does not follow our ethics.

Do we really want to work according to others?Don’t we want a life that is purely ours?Don’t we want every moment to be cherished or shattered by our own actions and not others?

I’m sure we all want that life which takes only our commands and not others.We want that moments which are truly created by us and not others.We all want our life story to be written by our best pen on the best page.We want to fill each page with the colours even if they are black or white but they are only ours.

Each one of us have our own personality and they are unique.We cannot afford to copy the thoughts of other person and paste in our frame even if it does not fit into it.This will destroy the frame.So its better to find yourself.Just go and explore yourself.What gives you happiness or what makes you sad.What are your likes or dislikes.How you want things to be done.Give your own point of view.Its really important to hold your virtue among a group.Many are there to contradict you and you might question yourself.Don’t let this happen.Never lose your ethics and your virtue.Your actions should not be influenced by any other person.No one in this world is perfect.So you are.Accepting mistakes is more important than apologising.The whole life should be lived by you only.

Write each page of this book very carefully afterall:

“My life is only mine and I will write each and every page of this book.”

Go and live for yourself……Have a colourful life ahead….